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Bracelets and Beads

It’s March 7, 2 weeks from Spring equinox,and 4 days from now I’ll be Outta HERE!

11:50 AM now.  My flight is at noonish on Friday. I asked a friend last friday if I could borrow some of her beads for a kandi bracelet I was going to make. She was going out of town for the weekend though when I asked her. She said she would put the beads in a bag and leave them by the door that evening. On Friday the beads never came, so I was feeling like she forgot, or worried someone stole them from outside my door. (But today I realized she meant she was leaving the bag of beads by HER door inside her house, which she left intentionally unlocked, so I finally understood and went there and got them tonight. She lives near me so I was able to walk home feeling like a pirate with treasure.)

I’m so close to being done with this term, which had dragged on for unusually longer  as most winter terms tend to. I even did a test-print of my CD booklet for the final project at Kinko’s (FedEx whatever) and it turned out just fine! I hope to print out the final thing on Tuesday or Wednesday. I may have to re-size the CD stickers though. I’m not sure.

I finished Runaways: Teenage Wasteland on the bus to school.  It was way short. One good thing about this term though was finding the Student Textbook Market and Trading group on Facebook for my school. This is convenient because I hate buying textbooks, and have found someone with the book I need for next term who needs a book for her next term that I have.
We traded books at like 2PM today. It was freakin’ eco-awesome.

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